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Stéphane Depaepe

Activate the commercial prospection

From Stéphane Depaepe, the 24.08.2018
Activate the commercial prospection

Presentation papers ready, power point and websites updated, new contract templates, everything is ready to activate the commercial prospection. But what are the commercial priorities?

If your old prospecting contacts are still active, it's time to reap what you sowed at the beginning of the year.

Sales results in this period are decisive for the closing of the annual figures. The role of sales is therefore essential in a company active in B2B (business to business) which targets a mass of clients.

Commercial hazard: to focus only on former prospects or customers and not to initiate new business contacts. In this regard, prospection by telephone will be a good support. And if you're too busy signing contracts, it's time to think about outsourcing business prospection to a specialized office that will be able to represent you and identify potential new customers (the seeds of september or plantations for 2018). This agency will supply you with good appointments and you will be able to reach your commercial objectives.

Challenge of the sales team: Mobilizing the motivation of the re-entry! Motivation may be low (it's hard to start selling again) or high (it's great to resume prospecting). In any case, it is the right time to gather the team around an energizing action. A commercial team building ImproTraining exists especially for this (see

Sales Opportunities: Good resolutions are not only for the new year, they are also present in September. It is the last straight line to finish the year in style. Your customers are in this state of mind: or they already know if the year will be a success or if it is their last chance to succeed. They are already negotiating the use of budget or engaging in extra expenses.

Call Stéphane Depaepe on 02 702 64 74 and you will definitely find a solution in B to B prospecting for you.

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